VTA Yard Shooting

San Jose Community Continues to Pay Respects to Victims of VTA Yard Shooting

There are chaplains to support people who want to talk at the memorial site outside San Jose City Hall

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In San Jose, a community continues to grieve.

Over the past three days, law enforcement has been gathering evidence, putting together clues and collecting evidence after nine workers were shot at the VTA railyard.

Many people continued to pay their respects at San Jose City Hall Saturday, where a memorial is set up.

People stopped by spending time quietly, looking at pictures and the growing memorial.

Longtime San Jose resident Sylvia brought flowers and a candle to the memorial at city hall.

“I’m a citizen of this community and I care,” she said. Sylvia said she did not know the nine VTA employees who were killed, but she told NBC Bay Area Saturday that she was shaken by the tragedy and remains heartbroken for the grieving families.

“I care, and it hurts. It hurts that all these people are suffering,” she said.

Trained chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team arrived at the memorial site Friday. They are there for people who come by.

“We are there to listen to them and based upon what they share with us, we are able to respond back to them. We want to provide that emotional care and the spiritual care as well if they ask for it,” said Steve Ballinger of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team.

The chaplains plan to be here into next week as people need them. The VTA railyard where gunman carried out his assault Wednesday remains taped off and there were little signs of activity on Saturday.

A few miles south, the home where the shooter lived is still boarded up, debris in the front yard.

Investigators found multiple cans of gasoline inside, suspected Molotov cocktails, and more than 20,000 rounds of various ammunition.

It was quiet in the neighborhood Saturday, except for a delivery driver in a Fed Ex truck leaving a package there.

It’s the first day since law enforcement left the scene. Neighbors said people are driving by to see it.

“You never know who lives next to you,” said Jackie Robles.

Robles said the gunman seemed when people parked out front of his home. She did not know him but lives on the block.

“It’s sad a lot of people lost their loved ones,” she said.

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