Buttigieg Makes Campaign Fundraising Swing Through the Bay Area

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Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg had a busy, and sometimes volatile, campaign fundraising swing through the Bay Area Friday.

"Mayor Pete" received, from most accounts, an enthusiastic reception from his supporters, but from those voters still trying to make up their minds, there were some bumps along the way and even some anger.

Buttigieg started his Bay Area tour at a private fundraiser at San Francisco's LGBTQ Center for the Arts, where overall he received a warm welcome.

But there were protests inside and outside from groups including San Francisco Rising Action Fund and Queers Against Pete. One activist tried, albeit unsuccessful, to talk to Buttigieg. Several others were escorted out of the event.

Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg had two high profile events in the Bay Area Friday. The full court press is on for all the candidates to impress California voters before the March 3 primary.

"I think the hope with our action is to be pushing more voters to actually push him to be more progressive on his policies," SF Rising community organizer Celi Tamayo-Lee said. "So, that means really supporting 'Medicare for All,' supporting universal college for all.'"

The atmosphere was more peaceful later at the University Club in Palo Alto. Some people were impressed with the former mayor but still concerned about a race against President Donald Trump.

"He could completely go against Trump and win, but I just think there's ignorance out there, so that's my problem," Dawn Harms of San Francisco said.

South Bay Assemblyman Evan Low understands voters' concerns and even Friday's protest. The former campaign co-chair for Andrew Yang is also searching for a candidate to support.

"No one is perfect," he said. "They are humans. But under the scrutiny of a presidential election, we’re hearing more, and I think that it is appropriate that we have frank conversations and best understand where this is coming from."

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