Oakland Animal Services Offers Free Adoption at Clear the Shelters 2016

Celebrate the positive impact Oakland Animal Services creates in the community by supporting their efforts to find new homes for animals at NBC Bay Area’s Clear the Shelter’s adoption event. The shelter offers “open admissions,” to all of Oakland’s homeless animals, regardless of age, breed, or health. They provide services that ensure the quality of life for all animals. Protecting animals while ensuring public safety contributes to the shelter’s ability to find homes that are good fits to its variety of animals. Companion animals, farm animals, exotic animals and wildlife will be available for adoption for free. Stop by Oakland Animal Services to find your forever friend this weekend at the Clear the Shelter’s event!

To view a list of animals available for adoption, please visit.

Date: Saturday, July 23

Time: 12-6pm

 Location: 1101 29th Ave, Oakland, CA 94601

Contact info:

Kelly Miott


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