Father's Day Jun 19

3 Best Grilling Recipes for Father's Day

If you’re planning to grill for Father’s Day, Chef Jamie Gwen has got you covered with three grilling recipes. Gwen shows “California Live” the secret ingredients and cooking styles to get the best fl...

  • restaurants May 24

    Wolfgang Puck on Post-Pandemic Dining

    You know his name from, well, everywhere. “California Live” catches up with Wolfgang Puck on how his many restaurants have fared during the pandemic. Puck shares his faith in the future of dining and ...
  • food and drink May 15

    Lemonade Infused With Coffee? Yes, Please

    Meet the owner and entrepreneur of Gourmonade—a specialty juice shop in San Francisco that features 60 different flavors of lemonade (he had us at “coffee lemonade”).“California Live” gets schooled on...
  • recipes May 15

    Chamomile Cookies Recipe

    So many of us are looking for ways to incorporate calm into our daily lives. Luckily, certain soothing herbs can make their way into enjoyable treats. Nutritionist Ashley Reinke-Hawk shows “California...
  • recipes May 12

    Vanessa Hudgens' Cocktail Recipes

    Move over coconut water, cactus water may be the new hydrating drink. At least that is what Vanessa Hudgens is hoping. “California Live” joins Vanessa Hudgens and her business partner Oliver Tre...

  • food May 10

    Logan's Candies Is Home to the Sweetest Guy in Town

    There is nothing sweeter than a successful mom and pop business that touches the hearts of people in the community. “California Live” visits Logan’s Candies, established in 1973, to learn about the art and history of candy making. Watch to meet the owner and master candymaker who has been rolling candy canes for 46 years. He shows us how it’s......
  • restaurants May 6

    There's No Place Like This British-Californian Restaurant

    You won’t find anything like Market Tavern in Los Angeles. The owners who hail from London created a British-inspired contemporary pub with California elements and a touch of rock and roll. “California Live’s” Danielle Nottingham does a tasting to learn some beer fun facts and relishes in the hearty brunch menu which includes a Hawaiian loco moco w...
  • Deals & Steals May 3

    Stop Throwing Your Food Away, Use This

    It never feels good to throw out food that’s gone bad; it’s a waste of money and a waste of nutrients. Luckily, PrepSealer is an innovative food storage system that comes with an easy-to-use vacuum that extracts the air making your food last 4 times longer. Plus, it’s a sustainable and BPA-free product. Get 25-30% off on...www.adeals.com..........S...
  • foodie Apr 30

    Wolfgang Puck's New Sunset Strip Restaurant

    Located in the new luxurious Pendry Hotel, Ospero serves Italian-inspired cuisine with a focus on local ingredients. “California Live” meets up with the chef of the Wolfgang Puck restaurant to hear about the food philosophy and Sunset Strip culture. We even get to try Puck’s grandmother’s cheese ravioli which features hazelnuts, sage, and brown but...
  • foodie Apr 30

    How True Italian Espresso Is Made

    There’s something extra special about the espresso you can find in Italy. “California Live” visits the Mr. Espresso headquarters in Oakland to learn about its Italian family-run business that stays true to its roots. Ross Thomas gets the tour of the production room to learn about how slow roasting beans with wood brings incredible flavor and aroma ...
  • Nutrition Apr 28

    How to Build the Perfect Snack Box

    We all know too well that one of the keys to maintaining a healthy weight is healthy snacking. Nutritionist Ashley Reinke Hawk shows “California Live” how to build snack boxes that are easy to make, well-balanced, and will keep you full. Watch to find out the perfect ratio of carbohydrates to protein, the best times to eat snacks, and more.
  • foodie Apr 27

    The Best Southern Food in LA

    You can find good ol’ southern hospitality in the middle of Los Angeles. “California Live” is at Post & Beam with chef and owner John Cleveland who explains the history of a beloved Baldwin Hills restaurant and its community following. We taste the menu’s simple southern dishes including cornbread, shrimp and grits, mac and cheese (drooling ye...
  • sweet tooth Apr 24

    3 Easy Spring Dessert Recipes

    Eating ripe juicy berries on a spring day is a beloved California pastime. “California Live” has something to make the experience even better. Chef Jamie Gwen shows us how to take simple ingredients such as strawberries, blueberries, and lemons and turn them into fresh spring desserts. Plus, one of the desserts can be made in less than three minute...
  • sweet tooth Apr 21

    Cake Buzz Serves Booze-Infused Desserts

    Turns out, you can have your cake and drink it too. Cake Buzz bakes booze-infused decadent cakes which can be customized with the liquor of your choice. “Whatever you drink at the bar, I’ll cake it,” says owner Sean Allen. Indeed, each cake includes two to three ounces of liquor—just enough to get a buzz. Find out what inspired Allen...
  • recipes Apr 20

    Easy One-Pan Chicken Pesto Recipe

    Some of us love to cook but hate cleaning up the mess, so we opt for food delivery because there are no dishes required. Luckily, Chef Jamie Gwen talks to us about cooking with just one dish–a simple baking pan. Watch and learn how to make a pesto chicken recipe with easy prep and minimal cleanup. Bonus, there are only...

  • foodie Apr 15

    Broad Street Oyster Co. Is a True Pandemic Success Story

    Chris Tompkins closed his newly-opened seafood restaurant and laid off half his staff when the pandemic hit. But with some innovation and the ability to source incredibly fresh shellfish, a year later Broad Street Oyster Company has one of the most successful drive-through windows in the Malibu area. Watch to find out why people are waiting in long...
  • Nutrition Apr 12

    The 5 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life

    Lifestyle expert Danny Seo takes us through five magical superfoods that are shown to support your health. These unique food finds, such as macadamia oil and almond protein powder, can be easily incorporated into your daily meals or smoothies. Dani does some taste testing.

  • foodie Apr 8

    ‘Top Chef' Challenge Winner Announced

    In this segment of the California Live Cook-off Challenge “Top Chefs” Nelson German and Tu David Phu spotlight their culinary masterpieces inspired by childhood memories at the family dinner table. It’s not an easy choice, but Ross and Malou pick a winner.

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