Real-Life Heroes: Servers Dressed as Power Rangers Help Woman Assaulted in Oakland Restaurant

Noka Ramen posted about the incident on Instagram, saying they’re proud of their team

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Servers dressed as Power Rangers morphed into real-life heroes after a woman was assaulted inside their Oakland restaurant.

The incident happened at Noka Ramen at Jack London Square last week during a promotion the restaurant was offering.

Ploi Pirapokin said she was having dinner with friends when she witnessed the crime.

“There was a commotion and that’s when I heard the Thai expression, because I’m Thai and I can speak Thai, ‘huey,’ that something was surprising and new,” said Pirapokin, who tweeted about the entire incident.

She said a woman rushed into the restaurant, saying she wasn’t safe. Then, a man ran after the woman and put her in a chokehold. 

“And that’s when I saw all the Power Rangers-slash-servers run to help,” said Pirapokin. “That’s when the patrons started to get involved to sort of support everyone in there to, again, deescalate the situation. We waited before police came before we left.”

Noka Ramen posted about the incident on Instagram, saying they’re proud of their team. 

They also assured guests that the recent event was an anomaly at their restaurant. 

Pirapokin said she just can’t believe the Power Rangers are Thai.

“I think for me, because I’m Thai, I’m also an immigrant, I sort of saw those workers, servers, as sort of one of my own,” she said.

Pirapokin said she’s especially proud that, “underneath it all is just people, and humans wanting to do a good thing, a right thing. And to be able to say we are in this together … This difficult time and we have to be here for one another.” 

Jack London Square said in a statement, “While the appropriate action was taken by their professional security team, it’s nice to know that they had assistance from some real-life superheroes who jumped into help.”

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