Shine Like a Fashion'y Disco Ball in Sequins

Shine in Sequins Like a Fashion'y Disco Ball for the Holidays by Fashiontribes

Sequins are a huge trend this season, however unlike the paillette-covered fashions of yore, the modern way to wear them is almost casually - as if you tossed them on without much thought.  Be sure to check out the new Sequinned Issue of London's where they're showcasing them with an urban, avant-garde edge. Here, the eyecatching Miu Miu bomber would continue to work overtime after the holidays with everything from shredded skinnies to a pencil skirt, while the slouchy black Proenza karate pant & matching loose tee embody just the right spirit of devil-may-care style insoucience. Head-to-toe shine works in the Proenza outfit because it's all-black & slouchy, but the trick is to remember that a few sequins go a loooong way.


If the Pucci shift or gold sequin pencil skirt calls your name, keep the rest of your outfit non-shiny & neutral...under threat of huge fashion penalties (looking like an overpriced Fashion Victim).  Alternatively, an easy way to sass up a LBD straight from office to festivities is with glittery accessories - like a shiny shoe & bag.

Here is where to get these fabulous pieces:



Miu Miu sequined bomber jacket

Proenza Schouler slouchy sequin t-shirt

Miu Miu paillette-covered sandals



Marc Jacobs Iris pink sequined bag

Proenza Schouler sequined karate pants

Emilio Pucci sequined tank dress

Miu Miu honeycomb skirt


Proenza Schouler gold pencil skirt

Miu Miu pewter paillette-covered clutch

Donna Karan sequined shawl

- Lesley Scott

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