The Tasty Delights of Poleng Lounge

Poleng Lounge serves up tasty artisan teas and Asian street food sure to satisfy even the harshest critic.

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Bo Luc Lac “Shaking Beef,” marinated sirloin stir-fried with nuoc mam, perfectly pickled red onions, and peppercress.
Sweet potato fries with banana catsup.
Family photo
Buddha’s Treasures, or pan-fried dumplings with vegetables, dusted with matcha green tea powder, lotus root chips, and a black sesame ponzu sauce.
Telemundo San Antonio
Filipino-style ceviche of butterfish cooked in sugarcane vinegar, lime juice and coconut milk, with Thai chiles.
Ube coconut tapioca, a soup-like tapioca with coconut milk, and Thai basil seeds sprinkled on top.
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