Photo Gallery: Children in the Fields

Still images from the production, interviewing and recording of the footage used in our "Children in the Fields" investigative series.

17 photos
Young workers gets ready to enter the vineyard just as the sun is beginning to rise at 6AM.
A young boy we call Ralph separates the grape bunches to keep them from rotting.
It is common for migrant farm workers to completely cover their bodies in an effort to protect
A boy we call Peter, 11, talks to NBC’s Investigative Unit about never wanting to have to work in the fields.
NBC’s Investigative Unit poses with Peter, just before being invited into his home for an authentic Mexican style family dinner.
A 16 year old boy shares his experience as a migrant farm worker with Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock. His father listens in.
The boy told The Investigative Unit he wants to become an architect. For now, he works the orchards in order to pay for clothes his father can’t afford.
NBC’s Investigative Unit sits outside a migrant camp to hear of the difficulties and sacrifices a family goes through in order to put the food we eat on our tables.
The Investigative Unit -- equipped to head into the fields.
On average, a farmworker spends 8-10 hours a day working under the sun in weather that reaches up to 110 degrees.
NBC’s Investigative Unit witnessed the farmworkers manipulate the ladder and move it while still standing on it in order to continue picking without having to come back down.
NBC’s Investigative Unit takes a closer look at what it takes to pick the plums we see in our supermarket every day.
Farmworkers explained to NBC’s Investigative Unit that a full basket of plums is usually 30 – 40 lbs.
According to the Migrant Health Program (MHP), California has an estimated total of 434,645 migrant farmworkers.
As he makes his way through leaves and branches, a farmworker tactfully, grabs each plum as it is picked from the tree. Farm workers pride themselves on their ability to avoid damaging the fruit.
Farmworkers have to hunch over under the canopy of grapes for hours on end in order to properly pick grapes. Despite the shade the grapevine provides, temperatures can reach 110 degrees.
According to the California Dried Plum Board, a single plum tree produces up to 300lbs of fruit.
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