Exotic Erotic First Timer’s Guide

Exotic Erotic celebrates 30 years in the City.

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Josh Keppel
Sukhee Alves (right) and Shelby Thompson from Santa Cruz went to the Exotic Erotic Ball for their first time this year and said "We're not so much about the naked men... it's too much... leave a little to the imagination."
New York Live
The 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball & Expo took place the weekend of October 23-24, 2009 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.
Josh Keppel
I'd never been to Exotic Erotic before, and I quickly realized that it is basically a big costume party, where nudity and kinky behavior are widely accepted and encouraged. (Left to right) Tanaya Smith, John and Jamie came from Bakersfield, CA for the weekend.
Josh Keppel
At the ticket window, a kooky, fun group from Vallejo, CA were greeting attendees with some sexy fashions and exhibitionist attitudes. (Left to right) Joél McDonald, Shana Yaxley and Johnny Mac pose for a photo for me. Johnny Mac helps dilute the picture.
Josh Keppel
Getting help covering up for a photo was a common thing I was asking attendees. Here Rob "Masque" James helps out with Kailei from San Jose at the edge of the Fetish stage.
Josh Keppel
Inside, freaky characters like Paddington from Fremont, CA could be seen cruising around, posing for and taking their own photos.
Angelea Preston Facebook
This woman wouldn't tell me her name, but she did say that she was from the Bay Area and that the hypodermic needles sticking into her skin didn't hurt unless they were touched.
Josh Keppel
There were a lot of great outfits at the event. These two guys, Randy Phillips (left) and Justin Kuchama, had pizza boxes on, and not much else.
Getty Images
Stephanie Riveira of Santa Cruz, CA cracks up at the sight of the back of the pizza boys while her friend Randi Marina snaps a picture.
Josh Keppel
Pizza boy Justin Kuchama was quick to point out his tattoo on his back...
Josh Keppel
There were some incredible costumes at the ball, this custom made Bumblebee Transformer was easily one of the best.
Josh Keppel
Greg Adler from Fairfield, CA spent ten months building the costume, which he finished the day of the Ball.
Josh Keppel
While Adler was posing for pictures and negotiating with security guards at the backstage entrance, the costume contest he was trying to get to was going on without him.
Angelea Preston Facebook
Once Adler finally made it into the main hall, the contest was well under way with one of its winners, Mariah Alcala seen on the screen soaking in the attention.
Josh Keppel
Mariah Alcala raises her hands getting some sort of constellation prize, which she waited in vein at the side of the stage for before finally giving up and leaving empty handed.
Josh Keppel
The 10+ foot tall Vibrating Rabbit won the grand prize in the costume contest. I heard it took six months to build.
Josh Keppel
Alcala did at least get a kiss from Co-Host Danny Bonaduce.
Josh Keppel
Bonaduce seemed to enjoy the gig.
NBC 5 News
After considerable effort, Greg Adler made it up on stage with his custom Bumblebee costume for an Honorable Mention.
Josh Keppel
Even if you agree that the movies were total crap, the outfit was really cool, complete with lights and moving parts.
Josh Keppel
It even brought a smile to MC Paul Nathan's face... well, almost.
Josh Keppel
Someone in the front row.
Josh Keppel
After the costume contest, Missing Persons (Words, Destination Unknown, Walking in L.A.) played.
Angelea Preston Facebook
Missing Persons lead singer and former Playboy Bunny Dale Bozzio with band mates.
Josh Keppel
The Exotic Erotic Expo happens on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and many of the booths are open for the Ball on Saturday night.
Josh Keppel
Jasmine Swann (left) and Vickie Walton brought stuff from their store in Lancaster, CA called TwistedCherry.com to the event for the weekend renting a booth for $1200. Walton said they did "very well" selling stuff at the event.
Josh Keppel
Not sure what to call this guy...
Josh Keppel
It seemed like most people were uninterested in what was going on in the main stage room, and instead were getting more enjoyment out of hanging out in the bright light of the hallways, getting their kicks out of being exhibitionist, or voyeurs.
Urban Outfitters
Mickey Ray sports a new coat he got a the Expo earlier in the day. Charlotte, a fellow first-timer at the Exotic Erotic Ball, said "It's been great! Eye opening, a lot of fun, there are a lot of creative people here."
Josh Keppel
Love, or was it lust, was in the air Saturday night, with couples seen from time to time off by themselves sharing a moment. It should be noted that I did not see anyone engaging in any overtly sexual behavior.
New York Live
In the back, a giant white Jaguar stretch limo was ready to roll at a moments notice.
Josh Keppel
One section of the event had a Fetish Stage where people were getting whipped, flogged, caressed.
NBC 5 News
After Missing Persons played the main stage, there was a Mr. Exotic Erotic contest. I didn't win.
Josh Keppel
This guy looks like both an exhibitionist, and a voyeur.
Josh Keppel
Here's another shot from my welcome wagon via Vallejo, CA.
Josh Keppel
Every so often, I had to assist in making sure the images were 'clean' for this story. Here Army girl Michelle Buster from Vallejo, CA waits outside the entrance after having won tickets from 92.7 that were not at the ticket window.
Josh Keppel
During one of the final performances of the night on the Main Stage, women were sticking hypodermic needles into their breasts which could be seen on the large screens in the arena.
Josh Keppel
The turnout didn't seem to be as good as they must have hoped. Many people we talked to said that there were a lot fewer people this year compared to previous years.
Josh Keppel
Local rock legend and singer of the Dwarves, Blag Dahlia M.C.'ed the Burlesque Stage looking like MC Skat Kat... that name could have a whole other meaning at the Exotic Erotic Ball.
Josh Keppel
While I call them the Pizza Boys, when asked what their costume was, Randy Phillips (left) and Justin Kuchama said it was named after a Digital Short on SNL called "Dick in a Box."
Josh Keppel
Ron and Dina pose for a photo next to Dina's wheelchair. She fell off of a ladder two weeks ago and almost didn't make it to the Ball, but since they'd already bought the $560 weekend pass including hotel room, tickets and shuttle ride, they decided to come in from Sonora, CA for their fourth time at the event.
Josh Keppel
The Chief and Squaw were a big hit with the paparazzi.
Josh Keppel
Ron pushing Dina in the wheelchair added an extra element to their costume.
Departamento de Policía de Houston.
These guys were pretty creepy, standing silently with masks on and cameras taking stills and videotaping everyone passing by without a word.
Josh Keppel
Chris from Northern California drove 30 miles to come to the Exotic Erotic Ball.
Josh Keppel
Hey Sailor!
Josh Keppel
Phillip Box and Jesse Helsdon from Petaluma, CA soak in Missing Persons from the front row.
Josh Keppel
Joèl McDonald is a real estate agent from Vallejo, CA by day, fetish flashing cop by night.
Josh Keppel
Molly and George came from Moraga, CA.
Josh Keppel
Josh Hubert from CoolNeon.com show off his furry coat that...
Getty Images
...glows from within after he customized his outfit with light.
Josh Keppel
A woman gets tied up at the Fetish Stage.
Telemundo San Antonio
Getting ready for November 2...
Josh Keppel
Mariah Alcala shows off her Happy XXX cake that she pops out of.
Josh Keppel
At least they are matching, but that is a pretty weak costume, dude. Especially compared to your lady.
Josh Hubert holds up his "business card" an EL wire bracelet.
Josh Keppel
Kailei from San Jose has a body full of red marks after getting whipped with a single tail whip on the Fetish Stage.
Josh Keppel
A woman takes a bow after getting pummeled by "Mad Max" a 30-pound flogger sitting on the ground between the woman and the guy who was getting a work out lifting the and swinging the thing.
Michelle Buster and Johnny Mac of Vallejo, CA.
Ramone Jones of CR Gruve gets ready to play the Burlesque stage.
Josh Keppel
Athena out front.
Josh Keppel
Check out those eyes... and is that a gun in that guys holster?
Josh Keppel
The Pizza Boys, aka. Dicks in a Box.
(Left to right) Tracie Arnaud and Liz Kanady from Sacramento, CA hang with Josh Hubert from the East Bay.
This woman wins for most exposed breasts in at the party.
Telemundo San Antonio
Hiro Kajima sports his outfit "Hogtied" which he came up with two days before the event.
Telemundo San Antonio
Parking lot reunion... Maurice Brooks (center) was working in the parking lot and he ran into a group that he went to High School with in Pacifica, CA. (Left to right) Spartacus Guillory, Athena, Brooks, Martha Gonzalez and Marcelo Cadillo, all from the Bay Area.
Christina Lawrence
One of the first things I saw when I got the to Cow Palace was the guy in red body paint holding up his wasted friend saying, "This isn't the worst you've ever been. You've been much worse than this in the past. We just need to get you some water..."
On the Burlesque Stage, a woman in zombie make up stormed the stage and pranced around looking for brains amidst the topless dancers.
Telemundo San Antonio
I've never seen a massage table in the middle of a concert hall before. I wonder if that woman had to pay, or if the rub down was complementary?
Josh Keppel
This is easily my favorite photo of the night. A shot inside the cafe at the Cow Palace and luckily, the only thing that looks out of place from a "normal" diner/cafe is the pantsless guy strolling through the restaurant. Classic!
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