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Are We "Laboring" Too Hard?

New stats show slow salary growth



    Are We Laboring Too Much?

    New stats show slow salary growth. Scott Budman reports. (Published Monday, Sept. 2, 2013)

    On this Labor Day, are we laboring too much?

    A new set of statistics from Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that over the last 30 years, our productivity as American workers has gone up 80 percent. Our wages, though, have gone up by a much smaller ten percent.

    Given what food, college, houses, etc. cost these days, it's no wonder Bay Area unions are unhappy about this.

    "We need to get the workers wages they need," says Gary Jimenez of SEIU Local 1021. He's echoed by Cheryl Brown of AFSCME 57: "In every sector we see a move towards temp workers. Less ability to attain a middle class quality of life."

    Temp workers, and outsourcing. Two things brought up a lot by the union leaders today. Two reasons, perhaps, why our production is up higher than our wage growth.

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