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Bees Infest NorCal Home, Honey Drips From Walls



    Bees Infest NorCal Home, Honey Drips From Walls
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    A Sacramento area homeowner has quite a story to tell after bees infested his house, causing honey to drip from the walls.

    “It just looked like another horror movie,” Alan Steadd said.  He lives in the city of Roseville.

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    The sticky nightmare started in July when bees began swarming Steadd’s home, coming out of the oven vent and into his kitchen.

    Steadd called an exterminator, but this week the problem came back. Steadd tried to clean out the affected space. Inside of a vent, he found layer after layer of honey combs.  Then he noticed honey dripping from his electrical plug on his bathroom wall.

    Dennis Candler, a home inspector with United Professional Real Estate Inspectors, said the problem started when the home was built. “This ducting should have gone all the way through the wall to the exterior,” Candler told KCRA.

    Candler thinks in Steadd’s case, the problem is the builder’s responsibility to fix.  But the builder, D.R. Horton, told the owner not so fast, pointing out the home's 10-year warranty expired one month ago.

    The builder did not immediately return KCRA's calls.

    Fixing the problem will be pricey. Candler said Steadd will have to clean out the entire ducting or, in a worse case scenario, replace it.

    Meanwhile, Steadd has a new concern: ants.

    "We are really worried about ants now smelling the honey and now having an ant infestation soon,” he said.