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Child Care Shuts Down in Budget Protest

Budget crisis hits state's littlest constituents.



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    Jodi Hernandez

    People who work in the field of child care held a loud day of protests Wednesday.

    Workers and their supporters marched in Fremont and held a rally in downtown Oakland to call  for a state budget agreement that secures funding for child care services.   The Oakland rally was bigger than expected and had to be moved across the street from its original location.

    Child care centers shut down their business in order to make their point.

    An agency based in Fremont called Kidango organized the day.   It also shut down for the day leaving 2,500 children without a place to go.
    Kristina Adams calls it "Closure for a Cause" and said the shut down was needed for the long term good.

    Adam's outgoing message on her voice mail says that the group  is asking "for a fair budget to be signed immediately that saves and secures  child care to keep all of our Californians working and our children  educated."