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Glowing Cross Draws Believers to Gilroy Home

Light effect or message from above?



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     A Gilroy home has become a place of worship, of sorts, after a mysterious image appeared in one of the windows.

    Our friends at the Gilroy Dispatch tell us crowds began gathering outside the Torres family’s home on Swaner Drive Friday after word got out that a religious symbol was glowing in the home’s front window.

    A light bulb in the family’s bathroom is causing a light refraction effect, projecting an image of a 3-foot-tall glowing cross with a diamond-shaped aura behind it.

    Believers are calling it a miracle.

    The Torres family says even though they’ve lived in the house for eight years and changed the light source and location many times, the so-called divine image keeps showing up.

    "I think God is someway wants to communicate with us in some way.” Torres said. “I don't know how to explain it,” said Torres. “It's just something from another world."

    Whether it’s an actual apparition or just a phenomenon of light, Sylvia Torres is hoping the image inspires peace.

    "I'm hoping that people's faith grows,” she told the paper, ”that the crime rate drops and that people will start believing."