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Getty Money Can't Buy Oil Heir Love

Peter Getty accused of being abusive husband with violent temper



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    Allegations that he was an abusive husband might be enough to wipe the smug from Peter Getty's grin.

    Last week, a divorce filing set off a minor gossip storm involving a local oil heir, his glamorous stylist wife, and allegations of domestic and substance abuse by the former.

    Jacqueline Getty, née de La Fontaine, is asking for over $500,000 a month in financial support as part of a divorce from husband Gordon "Peter" Getty, Jr. -- heir to the Getty oil fortune.

    Jacqueline accuses Peter of everything from substance abuse to spousal abuse, including breaking her arm, issuing death threats and locking her in her own home thanks to a "violent temper" that had manifested in the last few years.

    She also wants a restraining order to keep him away from her and the children, including Francis Ford Coppola's grandson from a previous relationship with the late Gio Coppola.

    Jackson West wonders why Peter hasn't taken to his City Brights blog on SF Gate to defend himself.