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High-Fashion Cat Burglar Nabbed in San Francisco



    High-Fashion Cat Burglar Nabbed in San Francisco
    High-end handcuffs at Barneys via Modelizing

    Even cops were shocked when they saw the amount loot investigators drove away with from the home of an accused cat burglar with a taste for high fashion.

    San Francisco police told KGO-TV that 30-year-old Pooja Gandhi was a very busy, successful, opportunistic burglar who broke into homes for sale, apartments and stores across the City. She went unnoticed and was able to slip into buildings by tailgaiting behind someone entering.

    Gandhi and her alleged partner, Joseph Valdez, were arrested two weeks ago after her fingerprints were found at one of the alleged crime scenes.

    Investigators removed five truckloads of goods from Gandhi's Polk Street apartment that they say she and Valdez stole. Jewelery, iPods, computer goods and expensive clothing were among the loot. Some of the clothing is valued up to thousands of dollars, police said.

    San Francisco police say they have received several calls from people who say they were victims of the cat burglar. Police are preparing to make an announcement about the case.

    In the meantime, take a look at some of the loot cops showed to our friends over at KGO: