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Microsoft's Windows 8 Might Come in 9 Versions

The new version of Windows has been getting early rave reviews.



    Microsoft's Windows 8 Might Come in 9 Versions
    Windows 8 may come in nine versions, according to reports.

    Cue the jokes! If you thought Windows Vista and Windows 7's six different editions were too much, wait until you get a load at what Microsoft is planning. According to some registry entries in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, there might be nine versions available at launch.

    The discovery was made by windows 8 beta while combing through the registry files, and is as follows:

    • Windows 8 Enterprise Edition
    • Windows 8 Enterprise Eval edition
    • Windows 8 Home Basic Edition
    • Windows 8 Home Premium edition
    • Windows 8 ARM edition
    • Windows 8 Professional edition
    • Windows 8 Professional Plus edition
    • Windows 8 Starter edition
    • Windows 8 Ultimate edition

    What the heck is Windows Professional Plus edition? Your guess is as good as mine. It's not the first time Microsoft has used the "Professional Plus" naming scheme. Sharp readers will know that Microsoft has had "Professional Plus" versions of Office since the 2010 edition.

    Windows 8 isn't going to be officially released until later this year, so there's still time for Microsoft to slim its pickings down. For most people, it won't really matter. Windows 8 Home Basic, ARM edition and Starter edition are probably all they'll ever need. But for upgraders and businesses, choosing from between nine versions of Windows 8 is going to be a major headache — again. It's going to be like Vista all over again.

    Via windows 8 beta

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