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More than 50 Vehicles Vandalized in Palo Alto

Vandalism occurred in the middle of the night Saturday



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     The tires on more than 50 vehicles were slashed overnight in Palo Alto, but no one seems to have seen or heard anything while the vandalism was taking place, police said today.

    The slashed tires were first reported around 7 a.m. Sunday, when a resident on the 3900 block of Ventura Court spotted the damage, said Lt. Zach Perron.

    Investigating officers located a number of other damaged vehicles in the neighborhood that had not yet been reported. At the last count, police had found 51 vehicles that had at least one punctured tire.

    It now appears that a suspect or suspects made the attacks between 2 and 7 a.m. Damaged vehicles have been found on the 200 block of East Meadow Drive, the 4000 block of Park Boulevard, the 200 block of Maclane, the 3900 block of Ventura Court, and the 300 block of Ventura Avenue.

    The vandals attacked multiple tires on many vehicles using a knife or other sharp tool, mostly on the sides of the vehicles closest to the sidewalk.

    No exact damage estimate is available, but it thought to be in the thousands of dollars, Perron said.

    Police received no calls overnight reporting the vandalism incidents. There is no suspect information available.

    Police will increase patrols in the affected areas. Anyone who sees suspicious activity or with information on these cases should call the 24-hour dispatch center immediately at (650) 329-2143.