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Passage of Prop. 40 Would Keep New Senate Boundaries

Voting ‘no’ on the referendum means new state Senate boundaries would have to be drawn



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    San Diego's new 39th State Senate District

    Prop. 40 calls to question Senate district boundaries drawn by a citizen’s commission in 2008.

    The referendum gives voters a choice to keep the lines drawn by the Citizens Redistricting Commission, or to repeal them.

    Voting "no" means special masters would be appointed to draw new lines. A "yes" vote would not change the lines.

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    A group of Republican lawmakers originally put the referendum on the ballot to overturn the lines, which ended up giving a slight advantage to Democrats running in the new districts.

    However, the California Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that the districts were drawn legally and would be in place for the general election.

    The Secretary of State’s official ballot summary states that opposition to the referendum has suspended. The group did raise about $2 million in opposition before calling it quits though.