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Surviving the Drought

Surviving the Drought

We Investigate California’s Water Crisis

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Click here for a description of each contaminant and the possible health effects associated with long-term exposure. For more details, visit the state's Human Right to Water Portal.


East Palo Alto Water Crisis

Timeline: A History of Water in California

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Before & After: Drought Impact

These before-and-after images show how little snowpack has accumulated on the the Sierra Nevada range in January 2014, one of the driest on record. The Coast Range and Cascade Mountains are almost completely snow free. California gets a third of its water supply from mountain snow, but with warm, dry weather, little snow has accumulated. In January 2014, the snowpack was between 10 and 30 percent of normal. (Photos: NASA Earth Observatory)

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The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit traveled halfway around the world to investigate solutions to California’s water crisis. Sr. Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock found that in Israel they faced a similar crisis eight years ago, and now they have so much water they sell it to other countries. As it turns out, California’s water problems may have less to do with rain and more to do with the state’s water policies.

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WASTING WATER: Experts agree that El Niño won’t fix the drought. And California agriculture consumes 80% of the state’s water supply, in part because farmers flood their fields. Stephen Stock • Investigative Reporter investigates why the practice is so wasteful – and how a new technology is making some Central Valley farmers a lot more money with less water. #WeInvestigate tonight at 11pm.

Posted by NBC Bay Area on Friday, November 20, 2015

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