In Berkeley, Hope Grows on Wishing Tree

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Gillian Edevane
Get it started by writing down a few wishes of your own.

This Berkeley tree is located on public sidewalk, giving the neighborhood free reign to add to the tree's many messages. A quick perusal on Pinterest will show you that private Wishing Trees are also popular. (Apartment dwellers need not fret; Wishing shrubs work just as well.)
Gillian Edevane
If you're creating one in a public space, it'll probably attract more people if you provide the supplies to write with.
Gillian Edevane
Although this Berkeley tree is a local favorite, there are several others that pop up every now and then in the Bay Area. Several sprouted after the 2016 election, and, in San Francisco, a seasonal Wishing Tree appears ever year around the Christmas holidays. Traditional Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees have long been a popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong, and the trees have special significance in Irish culture.
Gillian Edevane
Gillian Edevane
Not everyone makes a wish; some people prefer to leave mementos, song lyrics or positive phrases. The Berkeley tree is brimming with song lyrics, like this one from Skee-Lo's aptly-named song "I Wish."
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