Marijuana Cupcake Anyone?

Behind the Walls of Cannabis Conference.

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Gabrielle Coleman
HempCon 2011, a medicinal marijuana expo, comes to San Jose this weekend. The vendors and lecturers will be at the convention center through Sunday, Jan. 30.
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This is a look at what was offered during last year's conference in San Jose. You may be surprised what products are being made from pot.
Gabrielle Coleman
The patent-pending "High-way Shooter" is a handmade brass holder that lets the user roll tighter, smoke at a lower temperature and get maximal medicinal value from the pot.
Gabrielle Coleman
The Greenway Compassionate Relief collective of Santa Cruz makes these $16 brownies. These treats are strong and the collective rep recommends patients only eat a quarter at a time.
Gabrielle Coleman
Greenway's cannabis-infused biscotti won a High Times award for best edibles.
Auntie Dolores caramel corn is supposed to be quite tasty.
Gabrielle Coleman
Cannabis honey from the Greenway Compassionate Relief collective. Greenway was one of the first permitted collectives in Santa Cruz. It was founded by a cancer survivor who hated feeling like a criminal coming in and out of collectives in Oakland.
Gabrielle Coleman
Cannabis lollypops from Budies
Gabrielle Coleman
Tex Allen of Budies
Gabrielle Coleman
These chocolate-caffeine-cannabis cookies by Budies are so new, the medicated version won't hit the market for another few weeks.
Gabrielle Coleman
A professional chef helped create these cookies by Auntie's Edibles. Not only do they have dosing information - they also have a nutrition label.
Those fancy cup cake shops have nothing on these sweet cannabis treats.
Gabrielle Coleman
This pipe by Lollipipe is pure sugar, but it works and could be used to smoke (with our without the white plastic toke pipe.) The pipes come in a variety of flavors - this one is blueberry.
Gabrielle Coleman
Keep your lighter handy with this pouch by the Koala Company. It's made out of hemp, of course, and sold online.
Gabrielle Coleman
An automatic roller sold by the Koala Company. Place marijuana and a sheet of paper in the fabric pouch inside the lid of the roller. Then, as you close the lid, the joint will automatically roll and pop out a slot in the top of the box.
Gabrielle Coleman
Cannabis cake mix and the final product by Shaman Healers
Gabrielle Coleman
Shaman Healers' cake mixes, like Strawberry Kush shown here, have pudding powder for extra moisture.
Gabrielle Coleman
LED Grow King's lights use only red and blue light since they're all a plant needs for photosynthesis. LED lights are more expensive to purchase, but use less energy and are cooler, so they're less of a fire danger.
Gabrielle Coleman
One of the most popular varieties of cannabis is Purple Urkel (here in a sample from San Jose collective Cal Med.) It's a strong sedative type. For more info on HempCon 2010, visit:
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