San Francisco’s Skinniest House for $849K

If it wasn't for its engine red facade this San Francisco house could quite easily be missed.

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If it wasn't for its engine red facade this San Francisco house could quite easily be missed. Located at 1415 Shrader Street in Cole Valley, this house is only 9'-10 1/2" wide and on the market for a not so slim price of $849,000. Click through the photo gallery to get the skinny on this very skinny house. <a href="" target="_blank">View the listing</a>.
Blink and you'll (almost) miss it. When positioned next to its hulking neighbors, this 1,030 square foot home looks even tinier. To put it in perspective, the Guiness World Records confirmed tallest person in the world is only two feet shorter than this house is wide.
The contemporary crib was reportedly built sometime in the late 90s or early 00s (though the listing notes it was constructed in 2004) with prefab walls. Soon after construction was complete, the home was sold for $749,000.
The Cole Valley/Ashbury Heights home is only 9'-10 1/2" wide, which means that space very limited. Here's the living room, which is connected the entranceway. One entire wall has been converted into floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves with a ladder, which is a great way to maximize the limited amount of space this home offers.
With a $849,000 price tag, you'll be paying about $824 per square feet for this skinny pad. For other homes in this same zip code, the median list price for homes on the market in August 2011 is $710,000.
This kitchen sure doesn't look nine feet wide! The kitchen is great example of how the architects utilized steel, glass and rich warm woods to create texture and depth in the interior.
Another view of the kitchen that features maple cabinetry, brushed metal hardware and stainless steel appliances.
Right next to the kitchen is a quaint sun-drenched breakfast nook, as well as access to the private porch.
A view of the very sunny private porch. The lot this home now sits on was reportedly purchased in the late 80s in the mid five digit range.
The pad is decked out with a security system and comes with a one car garage, a must for any San Francisco resident.
A view of the very skinny metal foyer stairs.
Like the living room, this bedroom is tricked out with innovative storage space.
A view of the one (and only) bedroom in this house.
The home comes with only one bathroom, located right off of the master bedroom. For those that like to relax in the tub, you're out of luck -- the crib only includes a stall shower.
The bedroom offers access to the charming backyard, which is covered with colorful flowers and plants.
Besides the tranquil garden, the two-story house comes equipped with a washer and dryer and a heating system. At the rear of the garden is the detached office/wine storage unit.
Working from home is great, but we can't image getting much done with a whole wall of wine right in the middle of your home office.
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