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CHP Launches Cell Phone Driver Crackdown

Zero-tolerance campaign in full effect



    CHP Launches Cell Phone Driver Crackdown
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    A new study from the American Automobile Association's Foundation for Traffic Safety says talking on cell phones while driving is unsafe, handsfree or otherwise.

    Put down the phone and drive!

    That's the message the California Highway Patrol and law enforcement agencies across the Bay Area are sending today as they join forces for a strict zero-tolerance campaign aimed at identifying and issuing citations to distracted motorists talking or texting on cell phones while driving.

    The campaign to highlight distracted driving offenses will mirror a similar two-day enforcement effort last year, during which more than 700  cell phone citations were issued by law enforcement in Santa Clara County, and more than 550 drivers were ticketed by CHP officers throughout the Bay Area.

    Cell phone use is the leading identifiable source of distracted driving and inattention stated on collision reports in California, according to the CHP.

    Other identified sources of distracted driving are applying makeup, using global positioning equipment, eating, drinking, changing music and reading.