Outrageous Easter Bonnets

Whether for sport or in all seriousness, Easter revelers wear some pretty crazy headgear.

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Nedege Brunacci sports her award-winning Easter hat, which is decorated with vegetation. What better way to celebrate a spring-time holiday than with plant life?
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Elva Lewis and Viola Seaton are not only seasonally festive, but are environmentally aware too! These fabulous caps are made out of recyclable materials.
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Helena Andreyko gets into the spirit of the season with an Easter bonnet decked out with eggs, flowers, butterflies and what we believe are the remains of a chicken.
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This colorful couple shows off their teacup flower pot hats while participating in the parade the modern way, by segway.
Vanessa Sturbenz keeps a smile on her face as she tries to keep her very large floral forest on while posing for pictures at the Easter Parade in New York, Sunday, April 12, 2009.
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A participant shows off her delicious full body cake bonnet as she participates in the annual Easter Parade in New york.
Maria Campanella gives a nod to hero pilot "Solly" by wearing a hat representing US Airways flight 1549, which landed safely in the Hudson River, during the Easter Parade in New York City.
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High style isn't just for the ladies -- Jerry Gill and Richard Davis show off their keen fashion sense at the 2005 NYC Easter Parade. We especially love Jerry's ode to Big Bird.
Maggie the pug models the latest in canine headgear and a fashionable look for Easter Sunday.
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Danya Urlich's hat actually won the "Most Glamorous" award at the 1998 Easter Handicap in Auckland, New Zealand.
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A dove perched on a chiffon hat makes its way down 5th Avenue during the New York City Easter Parade 2007.
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The Easter bonnet craze started long ago -- this snazzy number is from a Whitman's Chocolate ad in 1945.
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Chandelier chic is totally the next thing to come down Parisian runways.
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Jocelyn Jeannot balances her extravagantly ornate Easter bonnet during the 2005 NYC annual Easter parade. All she's missing is the kitchen sink.
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"Machine Dazzle" of Brooklyn reminds us that just because it's Easter, doesn't mean we have to wear pastels.
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Maggie and Tibby sport Easter bonnets during the 2007 Easter Parade NYC Easter Parade. We think butterfly stovepipes will be all the rage next season.
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The kites attached to Debbie Rosenberg's lid really give it some nice height. Debbie showed off her hat at New York City's Easter Parade.
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Mardi Gras? Easter? One starts the season and one ends it, but Danny Gonzales and Chris Prado bring Fat Tuesday style back to Easter Sunday during the 2007 NYC parade.
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These two looks combine wallpaper chic and octupus glamor. Nice!
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Sisters Kacey and Elizabeth Woram almost block out 5th Avenue's skyscrapers with their towering Easter bonnets.
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Models showcase their high-end bonnets during the annual Easter Parade in De Keukenhof in Lisse, The Netherlands, on Easter Monday, 2008. The theme of the parade was "China in Town." Seriously.
There is no better way to celebrate springtime than wearing giant chickens on your head. Especially when those chickens are also sporting snazzy Easter chapeaus.
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Gloria Ceo hides out under her enormous bonnet at the 2007 NYC Easter parade.
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Tara Moss and Sophie Ward show off their Easter head gear at the Sydney Easter Race Carnival, but Tara seems a little shy - she's hiding behind her feathery accessories.
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If Venessa Sterbenz isn't careful, she might poke someone's eye out.
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Jocelyne Jeannot wears a cornucopia of festiveness at the 2006 NYC Easter parade.
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A pooch sporting Peeps refuses to be upstaged by her masters at the 2005 NYC Easter parade.
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