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49ers' QB Smith Excused From Jury Duty

49ers' quarterback Alex Smith was excused from jury duty Tuesday.



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    Court is in. And then it was out for Alex Smith.

    The San Francisco 49ers' quarterback -- a Los Gatos resident -- was called to serve on a jury in San Jose on Tuesday morning. And just as soon as he reported for duty, the flip-flop wearing athlete was excused, presumably for the rest of the season, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

    Smith had Tuesday off from 49ers' training camp, the newspaper reported.

    Smith seemed perplexed that his presence at the San Jose Hall of Justice would be news-worthy, telling a reporter with a shake of his head, "Man, you guys are everywhere!"

    An NBC Bay Area camera man spotted Smith wearing shorts and flip flops.

    Smith, who volunteered on the search for missing Morgan Hill teenager Sierra La Mar, was seen in the courthouse while a hearing in that case was conducted.

    In that case, the teen's alleged kidnapper and murderer - Antolin Garcia-Torres - did not end up entering a plea; his case was continued to Aug. 29.