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Happy Birthday, Bay Bridge Buddy



    Happy Birthday, Bay Bridge Buddy

    From your truss-cantilever design to your 76-foot-wide bore tunnel, you complete us, Bay Bridge.

    On this date in 1936 you opened for business -- the business of connecting the East Bay with the Peninsula. The business of providing a bedroom community for a bustling, albeit, compact city.

    And you succeeded beyond belief.

    Sure people still want to jump off of you, which is sad. But, compared to your sister span, Golden Gate, you're, um, golden. As is often said, "You don't die from jumping off the Bay Bridge -- you just land."

    For that matter, we hope you hold your cables high when it comes to comparisons to that higher-profile bridge to your north. Sure, she's photographed more (by a lot). But there's honor in your utility. A grace to your workman-like approach.

    When you were built some experts scoffed, thinking that the high winds were scarier than the earthquakes. You've survived, even with a big ding during Loma Prieta.

    Hell, your lower span was designed to carry trains -- and you did until 1958.

    You were the most expensive bridge EVER when you were built.

    We think we got our money's worth.

    Happy Birthday.