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Jerry and Arnold Hop Ride to Capitol



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    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    The governor and governor-elect flew to Sacramento on Thursday to take care of some transition business.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger posted the above picture with Attorney General Jerry Brown on board a private plane.

    "Governor-elect Brown is riding to Sacramento with me today," Schwarzenegger Tweeted.

    A Brown campaign spokesperson said the two were discussing details of future meetings and that Brown will also meet with finance and legislative leaders while in the state capitol.

    Schwarzenegger never came out and publicly supported Brown's campaign, but the two seem to have a friendly relationship.

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    In fact, Schwarzenegger refused to say who is was voting for in the race for his successor all the way up to Election Day.

    "I will tell you all about it later on
    ," Schwarzenegger said as he entered his neighborhood polling location on Tuesday.

    So far, we can't find an answer to that question. The governor did finally spill on how he voted when it came to propositions.

    He announced the follow on Twitter:

    "I promised I would tell you how I voted today."

    • Prop 19: no
    • Prop 20: yes
    • Prop 21: no
    • Prop 22: no
    • Prop 23: no
    • Prop 24: no
    • Prop 25: no
    • Prop 26: no
    • Prop 27: no

    Apparently he wasn't a fan of the proposition choices this time.