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Judge Grants Garrido's Phone Privileges



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    Nancy Garrido and her husband Phillip Garrido, a registered sex offender, were arrested Wednesday Aug. 26 for the 1991 kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl who recently walked into a Northern California police station, authorities said Thursday, Aug. 27.

    Jailed kidnapping suspects Phillip and Nancy Garrido may speak by phone, but will not be allowed to visit in person, a judge said Friday.

    The couple, accused of abducting Jaycee Lee Dugard in Meyers in 1991, had sought to see each other in person to discuss their case.

    Authorities said the Garridos held Dugard at their home in Antioch for 18 years. Prosecutors believe Phillip Garrido fathered two children with Dugard.

    The judge also appointed attorneys for each of the children, but not for Jaycee Dugard.

    The attorneys, Abby Rosemann and Roger Kunkle, were appointed since Dugard's children are minors.

    El Dorado County Sheriff Manfred Kollar earlier this week opposed allowing the Garridos to meet in person. The couple is being held in jail in Placerville.

    They will appear in court again on Apr. 15.

    The Garridos were arrested in the Bay Area last year in a case that has drawn international media attention.

    Meanwhile, an appeals court had determined that the El Dorado County Superior Court didn't abuse its power in removing Gilbert Maines from the case.

    Maines, who once represented Nancy Garrido, has tried to stay on the case after being accused of a conflict of interest.

    He was later fired by El Dorado County. His official termination date is March 26.

    Steve Tapson is now representing Nancy Garrido.

    This article originally appeared on KCRA.com.