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New Deadline For Pacifica Dwellers



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    The cliff is all to close in Pacifica after a series of storms hammered the coastline.

    Just days after a chunk of concrete fell from a row of apartments  along a cliff in Pacifica, two building owners must formulate a plan to save  the apartments or decide to demolish them all together, a building official  said today.

         Thursday is the deadline for the owners of 320 and 330 Esplanade  Ave. to offer a formal submittal of a repair plan for the apartments, which  have been evacuated due to their instability atop the crumbling cliff, or opt  to have the buildings demolished, Pacifica building official Doug Rider said.      The owner of 320 Esplanade Ave., which was evacuated in late  April, has submitted a request for a 30-day extension, according to Rider.
         Rider said he will meet with the Pacifica city manager and city  attorney Thursday to discuss whether to grant the extension.
         As for 330 Esplanade Ave., which was evacuated shortly before  Christmas last year and lost a chunk of concrete over the weekend that left  the balcony teetering on the edge of the cliff, that owner has suggested that  repairs will continue even though they have not submitted anything formal  yet, Rider said.
         The concrete that fell was part of the apartment building and left  the upper balcony hanging by nail and wood. The concrete had previously been  supported by a chunk of earth, but that plunged into the ocean below three  months ago, leaving the concrete hanging in mid-air.
         Rider said it is the building owner's responsibility to remove the  concrete that fell, but said he doesn't know where the concrete is.
         Construction to save 330 Esplanade Ave. was halted mid-repair in  February due to lack of funding, contractor Tony Fortunato said.