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Peek Axes Its Email and Twitter Service

Company has not declared bankruptcy but it is moving in a new direction.



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    Peek is cutting its email and Twitter service.

    Remember that cheapo email and Twitter client called Peek that hit the shelves a couple of years ago? Well bad news if you bought one, because Peek has decided to call it quits on its T-Mobile supported service and has shut it down as of February 1.

    Peek hasn't filed for bankruptcy or anything but wants to move on to selling an OEM client for existing smartphones, so the company says it can no longer maintain the network for a small number of users. That must really sting if you're one of the people who paid $299 plus the $79 cost of the unit for "lifelong service."

    Peek CEO Amol Sarva sent out this message:

    "Unfortunately we cannot maintain the network forever for a few users, so that end time has come. The networks are changing standards, protocols etc and the old units are now end of life. We have lots going with rapid adoption of our software by phone brands around the world, so Peek is flat out building for a number of platforms that our OEM customers are deploying like Android and Mediatek. We are not offering a Peek-made device to replace these old ones."

    Saying that a three year old device is "at the end of life" seems like a stretch, especially if you consider that most Peek subscribers were probably pretty light email users without a smartphone. If Peek really has only a "few remaining users," perhaps they should offer them some kind of refund or alternate service.

    I wonder how Peek's user agreement defines "lifelong service?"

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