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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

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Playing Hookie for Hockey

Bay Area workers are choosing hockey over work

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    It's all about the ice for San Jose resident Arthur Shwarts watching his daughter skate on Thursday night and then catching Team USA take on Team Finland in Men's Hockey on Friday.

    He's such a diehard Olympics hockey fan that he requested a day off 24 hours before the game. Lucky for him he has an understanding boss.

    "I don't want to miss the game so I just want to see that game and I just hope the USA will go to the Finals," Shwarts said.

    Some Bay Area companies are bracing for their workers to play hookie for hockey. So much so that one company in San Jose called Tango Systems is allowing their workers to watch the Men's Hockey game at their desks or in their breakroom where they have a Sony flatscreen.

    Lulu Kann, an associate engineer at Tango Systems says she'll be watching the game on her computer while she answers the phones for her company.

    "I think it's a morale boost for our company for them to allow us to do this," Kann said. "I'm excited about it!"

    The company's president says he's just happy no is calling in sick. He credits his open TV-watching policy for this one game.

    "Any work done during that time is better than no work being done so...we'll be happy if employees watch as well as work," Ravi Mullabudi, the Tango Systems president, said.

    I wonder what this company will do next month for March Madness?