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SF Police on "Alert" Following bin Laden Death

They say patrols are "just in case."



    SF Police on "Alert" Following bin Laden Death

    Late Sunday night the San Francisco Police Department announced that in response to the death of Osama Bin Laden it has notified all police personnel to be on alert for possible demonstrations or public gatherings.

    Officials said they were telling officers to pay particular attention to transit areas, places of worship, and areas where people normally gather to protest.

    The San Francisco Police Department said was not anticipating any problems and was taking the steps as a precaution.

    "We are always in contact with Homeland Security that will keep us abreast with the lastest information that we need to be aware of," the police release stated.

    There were no similar statements issued by other Bay Area police departments.

    A top counterterrorism cammander in Los Angeles said police there would be stepping up intelligence monitoring.

    Assistant Commanding Officer Blake Chow, who heads the department's counterterrorism and special operations bureau, told the Associated Press Sunday night that officers will be keeping a close ear on intelligence buzz to develop immediate response plans accordingly.