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San Jose Firefighter Returns Home

A San Jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack while fighting a fire is back home.



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    This is the fire Frank Ryan was responding to when he suffered a heart attack.

    South Bay firefighters are getting the news they have been waiting for -- one of their colleagues is back home after recovering from a major illness while on the job.

    San Jose firefighter Frank Ryan was released from Regional Medical Center on Wednesday. He stopped by his station house to say hello to all his colleagues.

    The 41-year old had suffered a heart attack while he was battling a fire at St. Patrick's Cathedral back on August 30th.

    Fellow firefighters held a vigil at the hospital where he was being treated. They even took shifts at the waiting room, with some sleeping on cots. Ryan eventually pulled through several days later on September 4th. While Ryan was in the ICU, his colleagues raised money to help fly over his closest relatives.

    Firefighters say it might be several more months before Ryan will be able to return to work.