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Secret Meth Lab Exposed

Cops say brothers made meth in quiet Pleasanton neighborhood home



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    Investigators took propane tanks, tubing, beakers and other materials they say the Magoon brothers used to make meth at their Pleasanton home.

    A meth lab hidden inside a Pleasanton home is a secret no more.

    Investigators are sorting through a mound of evidence and hazardous material they found at the home on Angela Street -- just blocks from two elementary schools.

    Cops went to the home in the quiet, tidy neighborhood Wednesday afternoon to arrest Matthew Magoon on drug charges. That's when they discovered the sophisticated alleged operation concealed in part of the house.

    Magoon and his brother, Robert, who both lived at the house with their mother, had apparently transformed a wing of the house into a place to make the meth. Officers spent hours taking evidence from the house, including propane tanks, glass beakers, scales, tubing and other ingredients used to make methamphetamine. They also discovered the packaging to sell the drugs.

    The Magoon brothers were booked into Santa Rita Jail last night on $98,000 bail. The jail lists Robert Magoon's occupation a swim instructor. They face felony charges of manufacturing, transporting and distributing methamphetamine. The brothers are scheduled to be arraigned Friday.