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Take the Money (Machine) and Run

Bold bandit attempts cash machine withdrawal



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    Police say someone backed up to the doors of the Safeway and tried to steal the ATM right out of the store.

    Most thieves try to sneak in, steal what they want, then sneak out undetected. But a brazen bandit used a much bolder approach at a Bay Area grocery store overnight.

    Someone backed a van up to the doors of an OaklandSafeway just before 5 a.m. Thursday and tried to steal the cash machine right out of the store -- while it was closed.

    A masked man used a crowbar to pry the doors apart, slid a strap through the opening and wrapped it around the cash machine.  When the vehicle took off, it yanked the machine out of place and broke it into four sections.

    Overnight employees working in the back of the store heard the ruckus and raced to the front of the store. The van took off but it's unclear whether the crew got away with any cash. Police examined the machine and said the bottom portion -- where the cash is stored -- was intact.

    Police are still at the scene, trying to get more details about this bizarre crime.