Families Explain Why They Ditched Traditional Homes For #VanLife

For some families, it means saving money, while others said it gives them the freedom to travel whenever they want. These families explain why they choose to convert their vans for full-time living:

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Ben and Mande Tucker
Ben and Mande Tucker's Instagram (@fernthebus)
Ben and Mande Tucker's Fern the Bus (@fernthebus) became Instagram famous after the couple shared before and after images of their converted school bus. (June 26, 2017)
Ben and Mande Tucker Instagram (@fernthebus)
And the results were pretty unbelievable. (June 26, 2017)
Ben and Mande Tucker's Instagram (@fernthebus)
“Our daily lives became too habitual,” said Ben and Mande Tucker. “Taking life on the road is our way of breaking out of those habits and shifting momentum in a new direction.”
Sabrina Horel's Instagram @SabrinaHorel
Sabrina and Jimmy Horel, from Montclair, California, run the blog Wandxr.co and bought a converted 1973 Volkswagon to live and travel in full time.
Sabrina Horel's Instagram @SabrinaHorel
"What the world has to offer is more valuable than any house I could ever own," Horel wrote about choosing to live full-time in her van.
Instagram: @Vanabundos
Another couple from Switzerland shared a look at the inside of their new home.
Instagram: @Vanabundos
“We wanted to be as free and independent as possible in shaping our future. So, we decided living in a van and freelancing is the best way to do that,” the couple wrote. (June 26, 2017)
Instagram: @Vanabundos
On their Instagram page (@Vanabundos), the couple jokes and writes about some of the setbacks of living in a van as well.
Nicolas & Francesca Instagram: @goofyvagabonds
Nicolas and Francesca have been documenting their conversion to living in a van for the last year. “It gives us the freedom to wake up in a different place every morning and makes us rediscover and appreciate simple things in life,” the couple said.
Nicolas & Francesca Instagram: @goofyvagabonds
True to their Instagram handle (@goofyvagabonds) the couple doesn't take themselves so seriously. They make sure to share some jokes of the daily realities of the #vanlife as well.
Jayme and John Nymeria’s Instagram @gnomad_home
"We were stuck in the 9-to-5 suburban lifestyle feeling drained and unfulfilled," the couple said. "So, we decided to sell everything we own, quit our jobs, started some online businesses and built our van, Gnomie." Jayme and John Nymeria now advocate for the #vanlife on their website, GnomadHome.com
Jayme and John Nymeria’s Instagram @gnomad_home
"Life is too short and temporary to wait decades to do something you long to do now," Jayme and John Nymeria said.
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