Queen’s Bath

The Kauai Visitors Bureau refuses to give directions to visitors who ask how to get to the deadly shoreline of Queens Bath. The spot has become popular due of its lava pools, but rogue waves here can be deadly.

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The Kauai Visitors Bureau refuses to give directions to Queen's Bath. The spot has become very popular due to its lava pools. When the weather changes, rogue waves can be deadly.
David Paredes/NBC Bay Area
The hike down to the lava shelf is beautiful. The path that buckles through the jungle passes by this waterfall just before arriving at the shoreline.
David Paredes/NBC Bay Area
This boulder is a good representation of Kauai's weather pattern. Through time, rain drops falling from trees have eroded this stone, covering it with pock marks.
David Paredes/NBC Bay Area
The sign spells warning, but few pay attention.
David Paredes/NBC Bay Area
Despite all the caution, tourists consistently visit Queen's Bath.
David Paredes/NBC Bay Area
The lava shelves of Kauai quickly descend into the sea. The absence of a continental shelf causes waves to develop faster, taller and more powerful than a normal beach.
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Not everyone wants to swim in the lava pools. Many tourists visit Queen's Bath just to watch the massive waves crash into shoreline.
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Locals told NBC Bay Area that they follow many laws of nature. One of them is, "Never turn your back on the sea."
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Tourists from all over the world come to swim in the lava pool (Queen's Bath) right next to where this wave pounds the shore.
David Paredes/NBC Bay Area
Lava pools can have calm water and travelers describe the water temperature as "Bath water." According to the Kauai Visitors Bureau, these conditions build a facade of security.
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The north shore of Kauai has its beauty too.
David Paredes/NBC Bay Area
If weather conditions are nice, families enjoy Queen's Bath on a regular basis. Kauai has some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii. The reefs are filled with sea life and the water is crystal clear. However, the tourism industry markets a catchy phrase for visitors, "When in doubt, don't go out."
David Paredes/NBC Bay Area
A child snorkeling in Queen's Bath.
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