The Rideable Fashion of the Disposable Film Fest

May is National Bike Month and last week some fashionable riders were treated to a bike-in movie courtesy of the Disposable Film Festival but not before showing off their duds.

6 photos
Kristin Tieche
For the Bike Wardrobe Remix: Tyler works for PUBLIC Bikes and wears- H&M Sweater BDG Jeans Volcom Shirt Savers Shoes on a PUBLIC bike, of course Kristin Tieche of Vélo Vogue (
Kristin Tieche
Rebecca wears: All items except jacket under $10 Raging bull sneakers Flamingo scarf Bike: "Winner" mixte which wears a chicken in the coop Kristin Tieche of Vélo Vogue (
Kristin Tieche
Roni wears an almost all thrifted outfit: Jeggings American Apparel shirt dress Tweed blazer Tom's shoes Scarf from Israel Bike: KHS Kristin Tieche of Vélo Vogue (
Kristin Tieche
On Duckie: Varsity Jacket Levi's Buck shoes Bike: All silver Bob Jackson Kristin Tieche of Vélo Vogue (
Kristin Tieche
Sarah wears: A jacket she made with upholstery fabric Vintage bling Bike: San Francisco's own PUBLIC Bikes Kristin Tieche of Vélo Vogue (
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