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Convicted Killer Married After Sentenced For Crime

Danne Desbrow was married minutes after being sentenced for the crime



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    Santos Family
    Kevin Santos was shot on Dec. 31, 2003.

    The family of a San Diego murder victim is angry that their relative’s killer was able to get married just minutes after he was sentenced for the crime.

    Further, they are upset that the judge who sentenced him performed the ceremony.

    Now, the family of Kevin Santos is demanding a formal apology from Superior Court Judge Patricia Cookson.

    Santos was shot at a residence in Spring Valley on New Year’s Eve 2003. He was taken off life support two months later, according to the victim’s sister Gorgean Santos Asprec.

    The crime went unsolved for 10 years until a witness came forward. Danne Desbrow was eventually arrested and convicted on Sept. 17.

    Asprec described the sentencing as an emotional day. After Kevin’s family gave victim impact statements, Cookson sentenced Desbrow to 53 years in prison.

    Asprec said her family was quickly ushered out of the courtroom and escorted to the first floor.

    “I thought it was for our protection, but I guess that’s why she wanted us out of the courthouse, to marry them,” she said.

    Some reports said Cookson even baked the couple a cake, which Asprec said made a mockery of her brother’s death.

    “I don’t know what’s worse, to marry them or bake them a cake,” she said.

    Asprec said the timing of the wedding is what upsets her most.

    “She was very insensitive toward us, the victim’s family,” she said.

    “It was our day.”

    NBC 7 was not able to reach Cookson for comment.