Dump Truck Loses Brakes, Crashes Into Several Cars - NBC Bay Area

Dump Truck Loses Brakes, Crashes Into Several Cars



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    Emergency crews faced automobile carnage in Oakland Wednesday afternoon after a chain reaction crash on city streets that involved a dozen vehicles.

    The crash happened just before 5 p.m. at Grand Avenue and MacArthur just off of I-580.

    Chopper video about the scene showed a large dump truck had apparently run into several cars waiting at the light.  Initial reports from witnesses said the dump truck lost its brakes on the flat roadway. There were no skid marks behind the truck after it crashed into several cars.  Several of the vehicles appeared to have suffered severe damage.

    Several ambulances were on the scene within minutes, but only four people needed to be taken to the hospital.   A CHP officer told NBC Bay Area that none of the injuries were life threatening.