• Tokyo 2020 Olympics Jul 28

    How the Japanese Friendship Garden Ties California to Japan

    San Diego’s Japanese Friendship Garden (“JFG”) is an expression of friendship between San Diego and its sister city, Yokohama. “California Live’s” Amber Pfister walks through the immersive experience of the two cultures coming together. Watch to see how JFG’s design is based on ancient Japanese techniques adapted to San Diego’s climate.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Jul 23

    4 New Olympic Sports: What You Need to Know

    The long-awaited Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games come with thrilling new sports sure to keep you entertained. Sport climbing, surfing, skating, and karate will grace the Olympic stage. “California Live’s” Amber Pfister meets with a pro from each of the new categories to understand that sport, how it’s scored, and what you need to do to win Olympic gold.

  • travel Jul 22

    5 Travel Essentials for Your Summer Trip

    Summer is here and we’re hoping you’re planning a seasonal vacation. Having the right products for traveling can impact your travel experience. “California Live” meets with lifestyle expert, Sadie Murray, to get the lineup of must-have products including showerless shampoo, Radley London bags, and more.

    Sadie Murray is a paid spokesperson for Rug Bite Thing.

  • Experience Jul 21

    Witches, Wizards, and Cocktails at LA Pop-Up Bar

    There is a new pop-up in Los Angeles that is like no other. “California Live” goes to the Wizard’s Den to experience a night of witches and wizards. Dive into an eerie yet magical experience with potion making, solving riddles, and sipping on cocktails.

  • recipes Jul 16

    Spiked Ice Cream Cocktail Recipe

    July 18th is National Ice Cream Day and we are getting ready by learning how to assemble a DIY ice cream bar. Entertainment expert Paul Zahn shows us how to play “pin the cherry on the sundae” finished off with a spiked ice cream cocktail. Plus, find out how to make different types of ice cream desserts for every age....

  • wildlife Jul 16

    The Raptor Experience Will Bring You Close to Birds of Prey

    “California Live” gets up-close and personal with birds of prey (birds that feed on live captured prey). The Total Raptor Experience allows the public to observe them as they display their natural behaviors. Watch and gain an intimate empathy for raptors and an understanding of their role in the environment.

  • Olympics Jul 14

    Watch Kim and Amber Break Boards With Karate Moves

    In anticipation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics “California Live” goes to Terasaki Budokan in Little Tokyo for a karate lesson straight from a master martial artist. We learn about the history of Japanese martial arts and a few basic, yet essential, karate moves. Plus, watch to see Kim and Amber break a few boards.

  • recipes Jul 13

    What Is an Olympic Meatball?

    The Olympics brings the entire world together so to hone in on the global spirit “California Live” dives into international cuisine. We meet with former “MasterChef” contestant Chef Rami Raw, who combines international flavors into each of his recipes, including his rendition of an Olympic-themed meatball. Watch to get the recipe.

  • summer Jul 9

    How to Get Your Kids Summer Ready

    We’re all ears when lifestyle expert and journalist Amy E. Goodman has product tips to keep our kiddos entertained. “California Live” gets her lineup of goodies to get your kids ready for a great summer ahead. From The Week Junior Magazine to Lark Adventurewear bamboo clothing, there is something here for the teens and littles.

  • Experience Jul 8

    Eat atop The Grove's Trolley at Bistro 1759

    Bistro 1759 offers an extraordinary dining moment. Enjoy a multi-course dinner on top of The Grove’s trolley while traveling underneath twinkling lights—all with a drink in hand. “California Live” checks out the experience perfect for a date night or celebratory occasion.

  • restaurants Jul 7

    Pacifica Del Mar's Secret Salmon Recipe Is Finally Revealed

    Eating fresh seafood alongside the ocean is our happy place. “California Live’ visits Pacifica Del Mar in San Diego to relax in the outdoor coastal setting and learn about the menu of fresh seafood dishes, including the secret to their famous salmon recipe.

  • explore Jul 2

    Must-Do: The Birch Aquarium San Diego

    Discovering new ocean species can be a magical way to spend your weekends with family, friends, or on a romantic date. “California Live” tours the now open Birch Aquarium perched on the San Diego bluffs to explore and learn about its incredible habitats of fish. The aquarium is open this 4th of July weekend with extended hours until 7pm throughout...

  • Amber Pfister Jun 29

    Amber Tries Flying Trapeze for the First Time

    Now here’s one for conquering your fear of heights. “California Live’s” Amber Pfister very bravely (and a little shakily) swings through the air at the Trapeze School New York LA. Watch as she uses the mental and physical tools demanded by the trapeze to build upon her strength and technique and face her fear of heights. Spoiler alert—she even does...

  • Destinations Jun 23

    Get Your Own Garden Butler at the Estancia La Jolla

    The Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa knows luxury. It has 10 acres of lush gardens, restaurants, and curated experiences such as high tea in the garden with tableside cocktails. “California Live” goes to experience the garden champagne concierge (AKA your own personal butler) to enjoy an array of healthy snacks and full flutes of bubbly.

  • Father's Day Jun 19

    Last Minute Father's Day Gifts for Dad

    Still need a gift for dad? “California Live” meets up with lifestyle expert Sadie Murray to get gift recommendations sure to make for a happy Father’s Day. Whether your dad is an avid golfer or discerning spirits drinker, there is something special in this lineup for him.

    Sadie Murray is a paid spokesperson for Rabbit Hole Distillery.

  • Father's Day Jun 17

    Take Dad to the U.S. ‘Mini' Open

    Celebrate Father’s Day with a hole-in-one. With the U.S. Open kicking off today, “California Live” checks out the ultimate pop-up mini golf course, located downtown LA at Fig at 7th, to get into the spirit of golf. Watch and find out how each of the nine holes was designed by Floyd A. Davis—star of NBC’s “Making...

  • fitness Jun 9

    Take a Spin Class on Santa Monica Beach

    Beach days are here motivating many of us to get in shape and what better motivator than working out on the beach. “California Live” checks out Beach Cycling in Santa Monica where you can get a cardio intensive workout on a stationary bike all while enjoying the ocean views, sea breeze, and spectacular Santa Monica sunset. Watch to meet the...

  • parenting Jun 4

    Welcome Back, Amber!

    Welcome back Amber! “California Live’s” much-loved correspondent Amber Pfister is back from maternity leave and we hear all about the transition as a first-time mom. She shares the hardest part of going back to work and why she has developed a much deeper appreciation for motherhood. By the way Amber, we’ve missed you!

  • Family Apr 2

    Jess & Amber's Babies Make Their TV Debut

    We’ve been missing “California Live“ hosts Jess and Amber so we checked in on them to see how life at home with a newborn is going. Amber’s daughter, Lyla, and Jess’ son, Ian, make their first CA Live appearance getting us into the spirit of Easter as we celebrate new beginnings. By the way Jess and Amber, you’re doing a...

  • comfort food Mar 10

    Soul-Satisfying Soup Using Leftover Fridge & Pantry Items

    Wondering what to do with all those random leftovers in your fridge and pantry? Chef Jamie Gwen is sharing some ideas on how to turn simple items—like canned goods, vegetables, meats, and pasta—into a soul-satisfying bowl of soup that will warm you up.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

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