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What's Shutting Down? Check Twitter

New account tells you what's open and closed



    What's Shutting Down? Check Twitter
    Tweet this.

    Just in time, a Twitter account to tell us what's shutting down as the government gets ready to close its doors.

    The account, fittingly called @WhatIsShutDown, points out that:

    "The military's 1.4 million active duty personnel would stay on duty, but their paychecks would be delayed," and:

    "The scientific work of the U.S. Geological Survey would be halted."

    It's a sobering read, but also, in this age of insant social media, a good idea. A way to get the message out quickly, and in a way that will be read a lot. Almost instantly, the Twitter account has 458 followers.

    We expect that will grow. A lot.

    Oh, and it's most recent message, as this is written:

    "Shutting down the government doesn't have to happen."

    Well said.

    Scott is also on Twitter: @scottbudman