• pawsitively good awards June 29, 2022 8:33 pm

    Meet the ‘Post-It Picasso' Nominated for the Pawsitively Good Awards!

    As part of our annual Clear the Shelters campaign, NBC Bay Area and Telemundo 48 are honoring individuals, groups and nonprofits going above and beyond for our furry friends through the Pawsitively Good Awards. Congratulations to Ed Attanasio for his nomination. His creativity and passion for art brings joy to all who get to see it while creating brighter futures…

  • PAWSitively Good Award Nominee April 12, 2022 9:00 pm

    Post-it Picasso Nominated for PAWSitively Good Award

    NBC and Telemundo are honoring individuals that have gone above and beyond for animals in need through Clear the Shelters program with a PAWSitively Good Award. California Live’s Malou Nubla kicks-off National Puppy Day with nominee, Ed Attanasio who has raised over $100,000 for animal shelters with his Pandemic Pet Project. Ed talks about his journey in becoming the “Post-it...

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