• NBC NEWS Jan 16, 2019

    Good Luck Making Sense of Your Hospital’s Price List

    Hospitals have posted the prices of their services, NBC News reported. Good luck making sense of them. Since Jan. 1, hospitals across the country have been publishing price lists online to comply with a new Trump administration rule. But the resulting documents, which can include as many as 60,000 items, are hard to decipher, with descriptions like “ABBOTT TECNIS TORIC...

  • California Nov 26, 2018

    Apple to Tutor Women in Tech in Bid to Diversify Industry

    Apple is launching a new program designed to address the technology industry’s scarcity of women in executive and computer programming jobs.

  • California Feb 16, 2018

    American Figure Skater Vincent Zhou Is Brilliant, Bemusing

    The personality of American figure skater Vincent Zhou, who made his Olympic debut with a superb short program Friday, was neatly summed up by his social media response to a fan who recently asked what era he would visit if he could travel back in time. “If I time traveled,” he said, “I would likely end up in outer space...

  • Maryland Nov 17, 2017

    20 Years of Changing Seasons on Earth Packed Into 2½ Minutes

    NASA captured 20 years of changing seasons in a striking new global map of the home planet. The data visualization, released this week, shows Earth’s fluctuations as seen from space. The polar ice caps and snow cover are shown ebbing and flowing with the seasons. The varying ocean shades of blue, green, red and purple depict the abundance — or...

  • bank Nov 9, 2017

    North Korea, Ever So Cautiously, Is Going Online

    Ever so cautiously, North Korea is going online. Doctors can consult via live, online video conferencing, and lectures at prestigious Kim Il Sung University are streamed to faraway factories and agricultural communes. People use online dictionaries and text each other on their smart phones. In the wallets of the privileged are “Jonsong” or “Narae” cards for e-shopping and online banking....

  • JUDGE Apr 11, 2017

    US Says Global Spam Scheme Targeted After Mastermind Nabbed

    U.S. authorities announced Monday they are working to dismantle a global computer network that sent hundreds of millions of spam emails worldwide each year. The Russian man alleged to be at the head of the scheme was arrested Friday in Spain....
    The U.S. Justice Department said it was working to take down the sprawling Kelihos botnet, which at times was made...

  • Alexis Ohanian May 28, 2015

    Reddit Founder Says Everyone Should Learn to Code

    Reddit founder and executive chairman Alexis Ohanian tells the new generation that it needs to learn to code.

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