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CitiApartments Horror Stories Continue to Grow



    CitiApartments Horror Stories Continue to Grow
    CitiApartments in San Francisco is facing foreclosure on several of its properties.

    SFAppeal has been publishing horror stories from CitiApartments renters.

    And oh, the horror! The latest? If you have a heart attack and fall down on the ground- breaking your toilet in the process- you have to fix it yourself, even if it's been detached from the wall. I mean, who can't attach a toilet back to the wall? Oh, that's right, pretty much everyone.

    But that's not all! The same renter stated that both of the elevators in the building have been out of order for over three months... (and) the elevator permits expired in February of 2007. Fantastic!

    CitiApartments has been struggling to stay afloat after being threatened to have 23 of its properties foreclosed on for not being able to make payments. The notorious landlords put up 12 apartment buildings for sale to avoid foreclosure.

    Renters Revolt Against CitiApartments

    [BAY] Renters Revolt Against CitiApartments
    CitiApartments is going broke and its trouble are starting to trickle down to angry renters.
    (Published Thursday, July 2, 2009)

    But the problems only grew for tenants from there. An email from an unhappy resident of a CitiApartments building said two weeks ago that after her building was put on the market, trash started piling up and maintenance stopped.

    Repairs used to get fixed within a day or two -- now, residents are instructed to call a voicemail number, leave a message, and of course they never get a response. Vacuuming of the hallways stopped, too. 

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