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Baron Davis' Old City Pad Could Get Boom Dizzled



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    The outside of 85 Natoma.

    It's probably a couple of years too late for Golden State Warriors' fans but the house where Baron Davis lived when he played in the Bay Area may go the way of the bulldozer.

    Boom Dizzle's old bachelor pad near the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco is just one of several building that the City is considering to acquire by eminent domain for the construction the Transbay Transit Center Program, according to Socketsite.

    The Transbay Joint Powers Administration has reportedly been trying to acquire the building and some of its neighbors since at least 2007.

    But the issue is now going before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, who could pass a motion to hold a public hearing on taking over the building at 85 Natoma on Dec. 7.

    Davis was the Warriors' star point guard, who led the team on its improbable playoff victory over the No. 1 seeded Dallas Mavericks during the 2007-2008 season.

    During the off season, he shocked and horrified fans by opting out of his contract and signing with the Los Angeles Clippers.