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Step Inside Barbie's Real-Life Dream House

What did the icon get for her 50th birthday? A real-life Malibu Dream House - with $500,000 worth of fabulous furnishings



    Step Inside Barbie's Real-Life Dream House
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    Barbie doesn't look 50 -- but neither would you, if you had a fabulous Jonathan Adler-decorated Malibu palace.

    Turning 50 can be demoralizing, but certain things can help ease the sting. Like, say, having a beachside dream house decorated in your honor.

    Finally, the Malibu Barbie Dream House is more than just a pink plastic diorama with a hand-pumped Jacuzzi! For Barbie's 50th on March 9th, a real 3,500 sq.-ft pad perched over the Pacific Ocean has been outrageously outfitted by décor-maven-to-the-stars Jonathan Adler. His price tag for the job? $500,000, plus a six-month work schedule to get Barbie's mid-century manse looking just right.

    As AP's gallery shows, Barbie's fondness for pink hasn't dimmed with age. Highlights of the house include B-monogrammed pink carpet, a pink closet to die for (with room for 50 pairs of peep-toe heels), and a pink Volkswagen Beetle with a pop-up vanity in the trunk. There are some 'real' flourishes, too, like a Warhol print of Barbie valued at $200,000 - and oddities, such as a chandelier spun from Barbie hair.

    The Dream House will host Mattel's Official Barbie 50th Anniversary Bash Monday night, packing the house with A-list celebrities who probably hope to look half as good as the busty icon at 50.