• fake famous Feb 11, 2021

    How to Spot a ‘Fake Famous' Instagram Influencer

    HBO’s new documentary “Fake Famous” revealed that the thousands and millions of followers that make Instagram influencers the target of corporate endorsements and other coveted perks are not always what they seem. “Fake Famous” creator Nick Bilton and star Dominique Druckman joined NBCLX to explain how to spot Instagram bots on an influencer’s account.

  • fake famous Feb 2, 2021

    HBO's ‘Fake Famous' Pulls Back the Curtain on Social Media Fame

    Do you want to be famous? The director of HBO’s new documentary series “Fake Famous,” Nick Bilton, and one of its “fake” influencers, Wylie Heiner, joined LX News to talk about the unglamorous reality of social media stardom.

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