It's Not Easy Being a Kitten These Days

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    Diane Dwyer

    Spring is known as "kitten season" all across the country and here in the Bay Area.  Animal shelters get overwhelmed with kittens too young to be adopted.

    They need help.

    Shelters across the Bay Area are looking for people willing to foster the kittens. 

    NBC Bay Area news anchor Diane Dwyer is a foster parent and shared the above photo of her German Shepherd checking out the new visitor to her home.   (We promise no animals were harmed in the production of this article.  The two get along just fine, even though the dog clearly has the upper "paw.")

    Dwyer is fostering the one-pound white kitty for two to three weeks from the East Bay SPCA.  She will keep it just long enough for it to be officially adopted by someone else.
    Shelters across the Bay Area are looking for families to do the same.  Google "SPCA" and the name of your city if you would like to become a foster parent yourself.