Last Gasp Brings Together Publishing Underground

Artists and the underground elite came together at 111 Minna.

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Art on the wall celebrating 40 years of Last Gasp publishing and distribution will remain until the end of April for viewing or purchasing.
Josh Keppel
Last Gasp is a San Francisco company that has been publishing and distributing alternative books and comics for 40 years.
Owner Ron Turner celebrated the milestone by having a party filled with faces and art from the last four decades.
Josh Keppel
The night started with readings by SF Poet Laureate Diane Diprima, Bucky Sinister, Jeri Cain Rossi, Jon Longhi, and Michelle Tee, while Turner sat smiling at the side of the stage.
Josh Keppel
Michelle Tee read from her book Rent Girl, published by Last Gasp.
Josh Keppel
Last Gasp employee and published author Jon Longhi wrote a new story just for the occasion about how he first met owner Ron Turner and thought Turner was the company's janitor.
Josh Keppel
Former Last Gasp employee Bucky Sinister MC'ed the spoken word portion of the evening (with a little direction from Turner).
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An incredible collection of art, by a wide variety of notable artists, was on display for the momentous occasion.
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Artist JennyBird Alcantara poses next to her painting for a quick snapshot.
JennyBird's painting has a woman in a short skirt with the hairy hoofed legs of a deer, a theme that is seen a lot in her art, and on her arm.
Josh Keppel
On display were canvasses, drawings, and photos by all the major underground artists of our time: Robert Crumb, Mark Ryden, S. Clay Wilson, Camille Rose Garcia, Liz Mcgrath, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, the list goes on and on.
Josh Keppel
Above the original art was hundreds of covers of comics published by Last Gasp, with some of the originals on display in the show.
Josh Keppel
Lovely ladies Patrisha Vestey (left) and Isabel Samaras were brought together by their love of zippers as a fashion statement.
Josh Keppel
Vestey's shoes even sported zippers. Something not usually seen on clogs.
Josh Keppel
With Samaras' zipper necklace and Vestey's dress, all we needed was Lady Gaga's zipper eye-patch to make the complete outfit.
Josh Keppel
Noting Last Gasp owner Ron Turner's love of the female form, ladies scented their cleavage, as if you really need to make it more inviting.
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The work will be on the walls until the end of April. Many of the pieces have sold but there are still some available for purchase.
Josh Keppel
Ron Turner, owner of Last Gasp who was celebrating 40 years of being in business, assumes the usual party position, drink in one hand, beautiful young lady in the other.
Josh Keppel
Turner wasn't the only one hanging out with lovely ladies. San Francisco's current version of Emperor Norton, Frank Chu, was seen kicking it with Milan Evje (middle) and Annette Tillette.
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Looking in through 111 Minna's icon red door.
The party continued outside, where classic San Francisco parking challenges ensued. Looks like this Subaru driver was intimidated by the never-ending gaze of Doggie Dinner Head as he gave up and just left the car half-cocked.
Josh Keppel
Artist Patrick Segui (left) hangs outside with White Walls resident DJ Christian Jung, who's outfit and stature reminded me of Bill Griffith character Zippy the Pinhead.
Josh Keppel
Artist and 111 Minna bartender Brian Dawson holds up a new painting with buddy Frank Chu.
I have to admit, I spent much more time having fun at the party instead of trying to take pictures of everyone there. It is probably for the better, if I'd taken a picture of each notable person at the party, I'd have hundreds of photos for you to go through. This way it is much easier for all of us.
Last picture of the night. Frank Chu, Ron English, Andy Warhol.
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